Coinvention 2019

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September 20th

Coinvention & Mixer

September 21st

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The Speakers

Jeremy Gardner

Ausum Ventures

Jeremy founded the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), a global educational nonprofit, while attending the University of Michigan. As cofounder of Augur, the decentralized prediction market platform, he led the first ICO on Ethereum and first "utility token." He continues to advise startups in the industry as Managing Partner at Ausum Ventures, a hybrid venture and hedge fund comprised of startups and crypto-assets for social good.

Nick Spanos

Bitcoin Center NYC

Co-founder of Zap.org and Founder of the Bitcoin Center (prominently displayed on the netflix movie "Banking on Bitcoin") in 2013, Mr. Nick Spanos is the inventor of the multi-branched blockchain, and blockchain paper ballot voting. Both patents have been granted. 

Joshua Klayman


U.S. Head of FinTech and Head of Blockchain & Digital Assets, at Linklaters. Recognized by Chambers and Partners as a top 3 (= Band 1) U.S. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency lawyer, globallytop 12

Samson Williams

Axes & Eggs

Principal, Axes And Eggs - A Think Tank & Digital Advisor based in Washington, DC 

Adjunct Professor, University of New Hampshire School of Law - Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Law Program 

Adjunct Professor, Columbia University - Blockchain, AI, Cryptocurrencies and FinTech


John Hargrave

Media Shower

SIR JOHN HARGRAVE is the CEO of Media Shower, the leading blockchain media company. His company publishes the blockchain investor website, Bitcoin Market Journal  which reaches 100,000 blockchain investors monthly. He is the author of the forthcoming bestseller BLOCKCHAIN FOR EVERYONE.

Nisa Amoils

Mordan Capital

I have been a Venture Capitalist and Family Office investor for the past decade and am committed to building a more equitable, diverse and transparent future through investment in new technologies. I wrote the book “WTF is happening - Women Tech Founders on the Rise” to highlight the opportunity of investing in an undervalued and outperforming asset class.

David Schwartz

Litecoin Foundation

Serves as the Project Director for the Litecoin Foundation, a non-profit organization created to forward the awareness and adoption of Litecoin. CEO and Co-Founder of Cornerstone Global Management, LLC

Matthew Rosen


Matt has worked for both large companies and small startups and has managed large and diverse teams around the globe. As co-founder and CTO of Splinterlands (originally Steem Monsters), Matt is responsible for overseeing all of the design and development of the game product.

Brenda Loya

Tellor Inc.

Brenda Loya is the CEO and Co-founder of Tellor, a decentralized oracle on Ethereum. Tellor was part of the Binance Labs incubation Program and has received investments from Maker and Binance. Brenda joined the crypto revolution to drive democratization of financial instruments. A trained economist and self-taught developer, she has spent her career as a data scientist and then supervisor, managing software for data collection and publication for the US government.

Eryka Gemma

Bitcoin Center Miami

Jonathan has directly helped hundreds of publicly traded companies as well as many of those in the crypto community with their outreach strategies to achieve maximum visibility through press releases, syndicated articles, and social media postings.

Robert Beadles

Crypto Beadles

Building the empire a brick at a time with family and friends. Co-Founder/builder of Monarch Blockchain Corporation AKA Monarch Wallet, CEO of Splash Factory BlockChain development. Created numerous multi-million dollar businesses. 

Xiaochen Zhang


President of Fintech4Good, which was awarded the best fintech impact investing network 2019 by Wealth & Finance international. Listed as one of the Top 100 Blockchain Influencers by Lattice80. Produced three blockchain and Fintech shows with 500K+ followers.

John Kim

Litecoin Foundation

My mission is to embark on a world wide journey to tell everyone about Litecoin as the Chief LTC Evangelist. I'm a simple man with a simple plan. 

Andrew Bull

Bull Blockchain Law, LLC

Andrew started one of the first fully focused blockchain and cryptocurrency law firms in the United States, called Bull Blockchain Law. After finding Bitcoin in 2011, Andrew wrote his thesis on the regulation of cryptocurrencies between 2013 and 2015 as well as running a mining company. His law firm strives to bring both a legal and tech perspective to client services. From building cryptocurrency miners to structuring compliant token offerings, Andrew has years of experience within many facets of the Blockchain industry.

Charles Bovaird

Senior Forbes Contributor

Financial writer and consultant with strong knowledge of asset markets. Author of 500+ publications in places including Washington Post, Forbes, Fortune, CoinDesk and Investopedia. Created all the industrial finance training for a company with 300+ people and gave speeches on financial literacy for Mensa and Boston Rotaract.

Ben DiFrancesco


Ben is an entrepreneur and engineer from Philadelphia. Currently, he runs ScopeLift, a small software consultancy focused on blockchain development. He also co-organizes the Philly Blockchain Tech meetup and writes the weekly Build Blockchain newsletter.

Aaron Kosowski

Backyard Crypto

Co-founder of Backyard Crypto. Aaron is an experienced Manufacturing Engineer skilled in Six Sigma, Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing.

Jay Rush

Quick Blocks

Mr. Rush is the founder of QuickBooks.io, a software company formed in 2016. He is an expert in blockchain, especially Ethereum, and in programming smart contracts using Solidity Mr. Rush is the co-organizer of the Philadelphia Ethereum meetup, and has an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tyler Harttraft

Bull Blockchain Law, LLC

Tyler Harttraft, Esq. represents entrepreneurs and businesses specifically focused on projects related to blockchain technology, digital assets, virtual currency activities, and other emerging technologies. As a lawyer for first-time business owners and serial founders, Tyler develops sophisticated legal strategies aimed at achieving each client’s unique long-term business goals.

Jonathen Keim

Network Newswire

Jonathan has directly helped hundreds of publicly traded companies as well as many of those in the crypto community with their outreach strategies to achieve maximum visibility through press releases, syndicated articles, and social media postings.

Arpit Mathur


Arpit Mathur is a Principal Software Engineer at Comcast Labs where he is currently working on Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as investigating Blockchains and the decentralized internet.

Maureen Murat

Cogent Law Group

She is Principal at Crowdie Advisors; Of Counsel at Cogent Law Group, in Washington, DC, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. Dr. Murat is a crowdfunding advisor to numerous startups around the globe

Mike McCoy


Mike McCoy is an Emerging Technology Implementation Specialist leading the Healthcare Blockchain Practice at Accenture and the 'Blockchain for Healthcare' curriculum at Thomas Jefferson University. A Philadelphia native, who strongly believes this city can be the beacon for displaying how new technology that can make a difference at a global scale.

Nicholas Fett

Tellor Inc.

Nick is the CTO of Tellor, a decentralized oracle on Ethereum. He is a trained economist and former regulator at the CFTC. He founded Daxia, a protocol for derivatives on Ethereum where he received an Ethereum Foundation grant for research on oracle based scaling solutions. Tired of seeing centralized solutions to accessing off-chain data, he cofounded Tellor to bring decentralized data to defi.

Steve Baum

Friedman LLP

Steven is Principal at Friedman LLP with knowledge in a range of industries including digital currency, fin-tech, technology based and SaaS companies, telecommunication, consumer products, and life sciences. Steven is an active leader the Public and Private Company Assurance groups at Friedman LLP, specializing in the digital currency and technology practices. Steven’s is known for his expertise in assisting businesses with transactional engagements, including IPO's, ICO's, Token Launches, reverse mergers, Private Placement Offerings, business acquisitions, mergers, and any other equity or capital raises.


Co.Invent Hackathon | Friday, September 20th, 2019

Join 100+ developers for two days of Creation at the Co.invent Hackathon during Philadelphia Blockchain week powered by Coinvention: Co.Invent the Block




Drew Taylor

Wild West Crypto

Brent Bates

Wild West Crypto



Rachel Siegel

Crypto Finally

Andrea Doucette


Charlie Mav


Sponsors & Partners

View all of Coinvention 2019 sponsors below.

Philadelphia Block Chain Week

September 15th-22nd, 2019 | Powered by Coinvention


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Access to Coinvention

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Access to Coinvention

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T-shirt and Swag-Bag

Event Lunch

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What People Are Saying

“Over the past year, we’ve attended several different conferences in the blockchain space and can enthusiastically say Coinvention is a favorite. Our team is excited to come back as one of the main sponsors and will be telling our growing audience that this is the conference not to be missed.”

-Jonathan Keim, CD, Cryptocurrencywire

“Coinvention was the first of it’s kind dedicated event to meet and exchange high level learning with key blockchain professionals from around USA. Speakers were great, but more impressive was the networking opportunity to meet some of the best in the business all at one place.

- Dhairya Pujara, CEO, Ycenter

This event was by far the biggest cryptocurrency focused event in Philadelphia. It really brought together a great group of forward thinkers, tech entrepreneurs, and those immersed within the blockchain industry!

-Andrew Bull, Founding Partner, Bull Blockchain Law

The Venue

Coinvention 2019 will be held at the Luxurious Loews Philadelphia Hotel. Recognized as one of the “world’s best” by Travel + Leisure readers, The Loews Philadelphia Hotel features contemporary decor, gracious hospitality and luxury amenities, making it an inviting choice for visitors to Philadelphia.

Coinvention 2018

Coinvention 2018 was a major success.The two day event was orchestrated to build personal relationships, deepen knowledge, and expand insight with the companies redesigning the future. 

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